Drop the Phone in a Toilet and Still Use it!


Many of us have been there – you walk into the bathroom, the phone rings, you see who is calling and the phone slips – whoops, there she goes, right into the toilet. Then the agonizing second when you contemplate whether you are going to stick your hand in the toilet to retrieve it. Then you do and now the interesting part begins. What do you do? Get a bag of rice to absorb the water? Take out the battery? Pray?

The good news there is a new experimental spray which allows you to submerge almost any material and keep it from getting wet. The company NeverWet works by creating what Ross Nanotechnology calls a superhydrophobic barrier around anything you spray it on that repels both water and oil. Superhydrophobic the company says means water shoots off of it!

Personally I can’t wait but I hope they come out with a germ killing coating as well – for those instances described earlier in this post. Then again the company says the way the spray (and a paint they also are developing) works now, since they keep the surface dry, they don’t have any bacteria on them.

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