Although my home may look very neat and organized, it is in fact a an absolute mess. I am not talking about the normal objects which create mess — paper and clothes; I am talking about devices.
I have gadgets and wireless headsets of all types laying around. I have a USB hard disk, multiple laptops, an iMac, a phone which plays music, two phones which take photos and videos and myriad other devices which do different things. I have a Nokia N800 web tablet to browse the web from the couch and finally I have files, files everywhere.
My (electronic) home life is frankly a mess. I bet I am not alone. As hard disks get bigger and we take more and more digital photos, managing this motley assortment of files is becoming a massive task. Add to this the various iPods people have, the iPhone, the RAZRs and WiFi telephony handsets and you have a recipe for domestic chaos.
Enter Kenati Technologies, a company looking to make order out of the device and file chaos in your home. They even manage your VoIP calls.
I recently caught up with Andy Chinmulgund the company’s CEO and he explained how Kenati Technologies has a product called myHome which helps manage your digital life.
Kenati’s open-source application run on residential gateways and has a companion application for the PC. When it is fired up it does a search on the network for all attached devices such as video games, NAS, and files.
It then catalogs the files based on content and file type. Metadata is extracted dynamically I am told.
One feature of the solution worth mentioning is file sharing which is much better than typical home network file sharing. Rather than having to deal with port forwarding you have a wizard which guides you through the process of setting this up.
You are able to share the files you want and even require password access. You can even generate a URL which you can send to relatives and friends. The URL registers dynamically with
In addition there is access control built in to keep the kids off inappropriate sites and home security is coming soon.
So what we have here is a CPE/software solution which allows you to share files such as video without having to upload them to a site where there is no security. You also get file and device management. Really, you get full network management for the home.
The target market is OEMs, end users and service providers.
Kenati Technologies has a really interesting solution and should have a higher profile. You may want to check out the company’s site to help put an end to the massive device and file clutter you have in your home life. After all, a gadget-healthy home is a happy home.

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