Kindle Interest Rekindled

Boy was I ever wrong about the Kindle. I said no one wants the device and it sold out in a day and Amazon can’t keep up with demand. Wow! I really screwed up.

I only wish Amazon would tell us exactly how much I screwed up by. You see, Jeff Bezos recently posted an apology letter about this device on the Amazon home page. He said they are doing their best to get these products to customers in a timely fashion.

The only problem is they won’t tell anyone how many Kindles they have sold.

I think I have refined my belief that no one wants these BTW. I think they are good for financial information so as a replacement for the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, they do make sense.

Still, this should be a niche market and I can’t imagine more than a few hundred thousand of these being sold in a year at very best.

I wonder what milestone Bezos is waiting for before he starts quoting numbers… A hundred thousand? A million?

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