Samsung Boosts Enterprise Wireless Performance

What does a company do after going up against Apple and showing it can compete head-to-head with Cupertino in the device space? Well, if its Samsung the next thing to do is cement your device strategy with wireless concrete meaning new wireless LAN products offering unique integration with Samsung devices. We know about Samsung KNOX and how it is designed to lock enterprises into using Samsung – at the expense of Blackberry and others. Now, this wireless LAN tech uses the best innovations from the world of LTE and brings them to a company near you. The way this works is the wireless controller takes control of the devices and determines when they let go of an AP so handoffs are far smoother.

John Robinson, Senior Manager at the Wireless Enterprise division of Samsung explained how this unique integration is especially useful as many devices are loathe to give up a connection to an AP and by the time they do give it up, signal quality has degraded and handoffs suffer. Samsung’s approach can tell the device which channel to use, which AP to select, etc. Another benefit of this integration is devices are able to have their antenna powered lowered when they are near an AP ensuring better battery life for devices.

I asked Robinson if this is something that could be standardized so devices besides those from Samsung could take advantage of it. He seemed to think eventually this could happen but for now, other companies won’t give them access to their devices in this manner.

SON or self organizing-network technology is also implemented in the solution – borrowed from LTE, this tech allows the network to still function, even if an AP is compromised or broken.

As the company looks to get into more enterprises, they have also launched Samsung Contact Center Pro (SCC Pro) and the Samsung Call Management Suite (CMS)

The SCC Pro, an optimized contact center, is specially designed for enterprises with more demanding requirements typically found in classic inbound and outbound contact centers with multiple call queues, dedicated agents, scripted calls, targets, call-monitoring and supervisors. Samsung CMS is a total call management solution that allows users to manage their desktop phones, view real-time and historical call statistics, check status of other extensions and record all external telephone calls.

I am especially intrigued by wireless technology which allows devices to be better managed to conserve battery life and increase performance levels. One of the biggest challenges seems to be perpetually be, how can we maximize the battery life of our mobile gadgets. Samsung’s wireless solutions show one intelligent approach to solving this problem.


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