Songza is a Solid Music Streaming Service

I’ve been testing Songza’s music streaming service for a few weeks now and it seems to be the best place to listen to real hits all the time. It competes with Slacker, Pandora, Sirius XM and Spotify and lately I have found it is so consistently plays good music that I need to skip songs less than on rival services.

Part of the reason for the service’s success in matching my musical tastes may be the granularity of the choices it provides. While rival services may offer a category like “dance music,” Songza will give you “Today’s Progressive House Hits” which is a dead-on great station.

Speaking of dance music the service also gives you access to music from various events such as the Coachella Valley Music Festival.

There are lots of other types of music as you would expect and even eclectic genres like Hawaiian.

Although I haven’t had lots of time to experiment with it there issongza-energetic.png also the ability to select and listen to music based on your mood. For example, if you are energetic some suggested playlists consist of Massive Pop Hits: The Remixes, Cardio Hip Hop, Crowd Pleasing Dance Pop and Pajamas to Party Dress.

The user interface is very good as well and the price is free. There aren’t even audible ads – just display ads on your smartphone and in your browser. To be honest I have been very open to clicking and buying from the company’s sponsors because I want to make sure the service stays around. I even downloaded a Walgreens app on my smartphone after seeing an ad on Songza.

I first learned of the service through Sonos as you can now listen to the service via the company’s wireless components.

If there is a downside its the volume normalization of the music seems to vary more than other services. Some music on an iPhone just doesn’t seem to be as loud as from other services. Also, the caching feature of Slacker is amazing – it allows you to listen when you have limited bandwidth or battery as the music is located on the phone itself based on the stations you decide to store in advance. Songza can benefit from having a similar feature.

Songza is worth trying – it seems impossible to me that audible-commercial-ridden music-playing competitors will be able to compete with Songza – it really seems to be tops in the music curation game. 

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