Sonos Adds iOS iTunes Playback

If you have a Sonos streaming stereo system and you download your music to a PC in your home then it is fairly simple to get access to all your stored music throughout your home. If however you download music to a PC which isn’t connected to your home network or directly to an iOS device you weren’t able to stream this music through your Sonos components without a wireless dock designed for an iPod or iPhone to plug into.

Sonos has just updated its software allowing your iOS devices to stream their music to your Sonos components over WiFi. Wireless iTunes Playback is compatible with the iPhone (3GS or later), iPod touch (4th generation or later), or iPad (2nd generation or later) running iOS 6 or higher and works with DRM-free music in MP3 or AAC format.

While this all sounds great in-theory, after updating all Sonos components throughout my home and updating the Sonos App on a 4th gen iPad and iPhone 5, get an error trying to stream music from either device. I’ve tried with over 20 songs – I am certain most if not all are DRM-free.The message is below.*


I am sure the company will fix this problem and while they are at it, I’d like the ability to control and stream from other iOS devices in my home. In other words, the software only allows you to play music from the device you are handling. If you want to skip a track you have to do it on the specific device which contains the music. This may not be a huge deal in a small space but if you want to keep your iOS devices charging while you stream music from them and also have the flexibility to change the playlist on the fly, you are out of luck for now.

*Update: Shortly after publishing I decided to reboot the iPad and try again. Now everything works perfectly on the iPad and iPhone which also needed a reboot.

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