The Merger Satellite Radio Needs

Talks of XM and Sirius merging seem to be an on and off affair with many groups against and some even for the proposed merger of satellite radio companies. For my part, I think it is bad for consumers to merge the only two satellite radio companies but there are others who say the price of content would come down if only a single entity emerged. The theory is lower prices for content translate into lower prices for subscribers.
While this may be true, why would any publicly traded company lower prices on anything on a volunteer basis? Generally it is a competitor causing you to lower prices.
Wal-Mart is an exception to this rule it seems as even after it has obliterated local competition it seems to keep prices extremely low.
As I live in southern New England – Connecticut to be specific, I think there is a better merger for satellite radio companies to consider. And that merger would be with a landscaping company. You see, here in Connecticut we have an abundance of trees.
Generally these trees kill satellite reception. This year is worse than ever as we have had record rainfall. There is a lot less value to hearing 80% of a song you like or 95% of jokes with virtually every punch line missing.
What surprises me a great deal is that satellite radio companies haven’t figured a way to record content on an accelerated basis so that trees and bridges don’t interfere with the integrity of content.
Increasingly I find myself switching back to good old FM radio as I just can’t take all the problems with satellite.
So while my tree cutting idea is farfetched, having a TiVo like device as part of the radio isnt. Hopefully both XM and Sirius will consider this option so those listeners who have trees and bridges near them will have a better listening experience.

  • Dan York
    June 4, 2007 at 10:43 am

    “FM radio”? “Satellite radio”? What are they?
    With the exception of some occasional listening to public radio, I pretty much gave up on all commercial radio a few years ago once I started listening to podcasts. Just got tired of the repetitive nature and endless commercials. Today either in the office or on the road, I’m just loading up my MP3 player and listening to various shows… and completely ignoring whatever is on FM – or on satellite – radio.
    I agree, though, that there are larger issues with satellite usage and landscaping.
    (living in Vermont, surrounded by really big trees!)

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