Tissot High-T Discontinued

Sadly, the Tissot High-T has been discontinued. This is terrible news as when the watch worked, it worked very well. It connected with the Microsoft Spot network which is now called MSN Direct. It had a touch screen and vibrate function which made it an exceptional watch as it could remind you of appointments without any sound. This was useful when you were in a meeting you would know 15 minutes ahead of time that another meeting is about to begin soon.
You may recall my original Tissot High-T review and more recently my post blasting Tissot customer service. I should mention the company had a local jeweler call me and tell me to call the main Tissot office. When I called they told me the watch will no longer be repaired or sold and I am able to get any other watch they have instead.
This is sad news as I really liked the High-T. I am looking for a new MSN Direct watch now. Wish me luck. Until then, expect me to be late for every meeting. 😉

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