Aito Technologies Helps Carriers Leverage Sentiment Analysis

In the US, some of the most challenging times for carrier sentiment had to be when comedians and shows like SNL poked fun at the iPhone for not working properly on the AT&T network. And in such situations where the carrier’s network was slammed with traffic and the company was not able to come up with a solution quickly, there probably want much the company could do to change public sentiment.

But in many cases a reactive carrier can reduce churn due to customer dissatisfaction. And this is one of the goals of Aito Technologies a company in the customer experience analytics (CEA) space. In a meeting with CEO Anssi Tauriainen I learned the company combines business and technology allowing operators to see a comprehensive picture of customers which include devices, faults and revenue. Moreover they deliver results quickly with integration times in weeks not months.

The company touts its products as being able to help carriers increase revenue. For example, by actively targeting customer groups, a customer has seen 30% better response rates. Moreover, data mining requests have dropped as much as 95% at some carriers and churn has dropped by 1% in another example.

Recently the company added Device Insight, which includes a database of 2,200 devices with their capabilities; for example OS, screen resolution, memory and connectivity. Moreover there is also Dynamic Segmentation allowing a carrier to quickly determine top data customers facing a degraded experience or VIP customers who frequently use data.

Another new addition is social network analysis allowing carriers to see changing sentiment on major social networks. This data in turn can be linked to customer acquisition and churn to determine correlations.

Additionally there is an increased focus on profitability and revenue allowing you to see gross margin by customer and lifetime customer value. This information in turn can be compared to acquisition cost which is about 150 euros in Europe. There is also the ability to link with Google maps allowing carriers to see user behavior by geographic region.

As I wrote about in my recent Acme Packet University post, communications is becoming more complicated whether we like it or not. And this complication manifests itself as myriad and ever-expanding log files which eventually turn into databases. Aito Technology can help mine these databases for treasure.

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