Empirix Tests Siebel

Empirix has integrated Hammer Service Assurance for Siebel and e-Load with Siebel 7.7 Business Applications. Empirix’s Hammer Service Assurance for Siebel ensures end-to-end contact center application performance under real-world conditions. Empirix’s e-Load is an automated performance testing solution for Web-based applications. Siebel Systems’ multichannel offerings allow organizations to intelligently manage and coordinate all customer interactions across the Web, contact center, field sales/service force, branch/retail network and indirect and partner distribution channels. With these validations, customers of Siebel Systems and Empirix can now strengthen the performance and reliability of their complex contact center environments. Specifically, they can:

  • Validate, analyze, and improve their customer and agent experiences before deployment;
  • Understand the effect of new initiatives (VoIP, CTI, Siebel upgrades) on their Siebel-enabled call center deployments;
  • Reduce the cost of error detection and correction; and
  • Establish a baseline for production Service Level Agreements.

My take on this is that Siebel being the market leader and Empirix, a veteran at testing contact centers, applications and VoIP, make logical partners in helping organizations test their CRM and contact center operations. Testing is crucial in contact centers as real-world loads can put strains on systems that they aren’t easily recognized without proper testing. Finding out there is a problem before a customer touches the system is always a good idea and this announcement should facilitate proper testing in advance.

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