Satisfaction Ratings

I was just reading an article from TMCnet’s David Sims where he talks about satisfaction ratings and I was blown away. Why? the company recently surveyed over 4,000 of their users and 94% said they definitely or probably will continue to use the company’s products.

The survey also found that of the 1,192 executive-level respondents in the sample, 90 percent had improved customer data quality and data management, 78 percent had reduced sales, service, marketing or other operational costs and 70 percent had increased sales revenue.

There is more to the article and it seems the company’s users are truly happy. I should mention that these numbers do sync with what I hear from the company’s customers and yes, this is a vendor-sponsored survey — done by a third-party.

As more and more companies start to sell hosted solutions, it is probably worth looking at the high bar this hosted CRM company has set as a goal.

In past interviews, execs have told me their company has to earn their keep every month and they seem to be doing exactly that.

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