SugarCRM to Go Public

SugarCRM has been on quite a tear lately with the news that it has secured $20 million in funding and that they have a new mobile application. The latest news out of the company is that they are profitable and plan to go public in the next 8-12 quarters.

SugarCRM was founded in 2004 and since that time has had more than four million downloads, 470 product extensions, 75 language translations, more than 60,000 community members, and more than 12,000 registered developers. The company has a customer base of nearly 3,000 commercial accounts.

This is all pretty impressive and shows that the open-source CRM market is doing as well as open-source communications and computing.

For more information on SugarCRM and other companies in the space, be sure to check out the Open Source CRM channel on TMCnet.

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