Blackberry Playbook Price Drop to $299 Crashes Servers


Blackberry has just reduced the price the Playbook to $299 regardless of model – meaning you can get a fully functional tablet which allows you to see Adobe Flash and HTML5 as well as cameras on the front and back and up to 64GB of memory for a great price. I have reviewed the Playbook and think it is a solid tablet. New apps come out for it all the time but compared to Android or iOS there will always be less variety. Moreover the lack of a native email app is a drawback which has taken a long while to fix.

You can still email with Yahoo, Gmail, etc but in order to be a serious player the company needs to solve this problem soon.

Until then it seems it will have to cut prices on what I continue to think is a good tablet and quite a value at this price. Moreover, you get a front and rear camera for this price – something the Amazon Kindle Fire does not have. Moreover, you get the best tablet for syncing with Blackberry smartphones.


And you better hurry, the site had crashed around 1:25-1:30 pm EST as I wrote this piece. It is back up – we’ll see how long that lasts and whether they will have to deal with traffic spikes for the foreseeable future.

Wait, here we go again at 1:37 PM I got the message below but the site came up right after.


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