Book Flights Now For ITEXPO West 2008

Many attendees have told me they are getting great deals on airfare to ITEXPO September 16-18, 2008. I happened to just price a flight and the cost was $306. Travelocity has a sale with prices from New York to Los Angeles starting at $285.

Also, many people have told me they will be using JetBlue and landing in Long Beach and Burbank Airports.

Here is a United flight I priced as a reference:

Airline Logo Flight:  United flight 21 on a Boeing 757 Jet
Depart:  New York-Kennedy, NY (JFK)- Tue, Sep 16 6:30am
Arrive:  Los Angeles, CA (LAX) – Tue, Sep 16 9:44am

Airline Logo
Flight:  United flight 840 on a Boeing 757 Jet
Depart:  Los Angeles, CA (LAX)- Thu, Sep 18 2:14pm
Arrive:  New York-Kennedy, NY (JFK) – Thu, Sep 18 10:38pm

The great news is that flight costs are dropping pretty rapidly meaning you can come the world’s communications event and still have reasonable travel costs. If you are looking to select or deploy communications equipment in the next 18 months you have to be at this show. If you want to network with the entire IP communications industry at once (including the most important analysts and press members), you need to be at the show.

I hope to see you there. I will be personally greeting everyone.

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