Brief Results of My Silicon Valley Trip

I spent a solid week in Silicon Valley and as I wrap up my trip and reflect back on the companies I met with I was pretty happy to see a good deal of optimism from the communications and technology executives I met with. Some areas of growth are the usual spaces such as products which support broadband growth and wireless backhaul.

For the companies not in those spaces there seems to be more optimism coming from companies which are not the premium players in their markets. The so-called value players seem to be attracting more interest as budgets have tightened.

Another trend which I haven’t seen in a while is a fear of Microsoft on a scale I have not encountered in the past. It seems the company – according to competitors is being super-aggressive and in their words looking to dominate new/existing markets and stamp out competition. This concern came from companies of various sizes and even undisputed leaders in their spaces.

There also seems to be record interest in TMC’s ITEXPO taking place September 1-3rd 2009 in Los Angeles. Many this week have commented regarding how many people in the communications and tech spaces are already planning to go to the show. I am looking forward to meeting with many industry players in just over a month at the show.

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