Coffee is the Latest aaS Offering Thanks to Burger King


Coffee as a Service is here thanks to Burger King who will allow you to have one coffee per visit per day for $5 per month via the company’s app.

As Karen the Deal Hunter points out, that is 17 cents per day.

The application service provider market or ASP for short was launched in the late nineties towards the latter part of the dotcom boom. It became the precursor to aaS – also referred to as cloud. At the time, investors threw hundreds of millions of dollars at these ASPs, hoping that this new market was the future of everything.

The investors and ASP founders were ALL right but when the dotcom bubble burst, all the funding left the market.

Mark Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce was one of the only companies to make it through and he details the hell his company went through in his book Behind the Cloud.

Before coffee as a service, carwash as a service was the most interesting offline aaS model we came across. 

Burger King deserves some credit for this move – it is great for publicity and it is likely the only answer to the question – “How do I get into the oversaturated U.S. coffee market?”

Will you give the service a try? Let us know – sound off in the comments or on social.

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