iPad goes to China, Crooks Mine Facebook and ITEXPO Highlights

As the first week of the fall begins, there is a wealth of news to share such as China getting the iPad, Facebook status updates leading to burglaries, another high- level departure at Nokia and GoDaddy.com looking to sell itself for a billion dollars.

The pace of acquisitions hasn’t slowed as of late – HP just announced it will acquire ArcSight to bolster its security offering and PAETEC will pick up Cavalier Telephone.

Perhaps the biggest news of all is Wal-Mart’s entry into the MVNO space – they will be reselling T-Mobile’s service.

If there is a common theme here – it’s that technology continues to be full of opportunity as it becomes more common. When Wal-Mart decides to become a phone company and thieves start mining social networks you know we have crossed the chasm.

TMC educates millions of readers each month and twice a year we gather 8-10 thousand of the movers and shakers in tech in a single place – at ITEXPO and a number of related events. Our next event is October 4-6, 2010 in Los Angeles.

I’ve kept you updated on the event and will continue to do so with this post.

Here are the new exhibitors:

·         BlueTie added to MSPworld Exhibitor List

·         Pangea Communications Contracts for a booth at ITEXPO

·         Ciena Contracts for a sponsorship at Lightwave One

·         Star 2 Star Contracts for a booth at ITEXPO

·         APEX Voice Contracts for a booth at ITEXPO

Here are the latest speakers which were just added:

OS-03  Open Source Telephony for Everything BUT an IP PBX (ITEXPO)

Darren Schreiber



SC-13   Untethering The Contact Center (Social CRM Expo)

Daryle Lamoureux

Product Marketing Manager

VXi Corp.

SP-07   Drive Revenue, Increase Profit Margins, Reduce Costs, and Build Your Subscriber Base (ITEXPO)

Brian Worthen


Mammoth Networks

OS-05    Open Source IP PBX  Roundtable/Shootout (ITEXPO)

Tristan Barnum

Switchvox Product Marketing


CC-01 The Next Generation of IP-Based Conferencing (ITEXPO)

Jim Courtney


In Store Solutions

CCS-12  Using the Cloud to Support Social Media Strategies (Cloud Communications Summit)

Nitin Badjatia

Customer Experience Strategist


CC-04    Videoconferencing QoS: Removing Barriers to Entry (ITEXPO)

Simon Dudley

Global Strategist

Lifesize Communications

D-03       Beyond the Browser Adding Voice & Real-Time Text to Your Web Apps (ITEXPO)

Adam Kalsey

Manager Developer Network

Voxeo Corporation

APT-06  Mobile, Multiplayer, Multimedia Gaming

Nathan Richardson


Executive Producer


CCP Games

OS-02    Open Source in the Customer Service and Contact Center Environment

Corey McFadden

Managing Partner


OS-05    Open Source IP PBX  Roundtable/Shootout (ITEXPO)

Andrew Gillis

trixbox Founder


B-05       Meet the HD Handset Vendors

Kim Murtagh

Director – SIP Communications


Lots of MSP World Sessions added Below

MSP-02 Winning Strategies to Sell Managed Services

Karen Sage


CA Technologies

MSP-03 Managed Services Accreditation Program and SAS 70: Charting a Path

Cody Griffin


Frazer Frost PLLC

MSP-04 A Network Security Value Meal Your Way: How a Burger King Franchise Solved its Network Security Needs

Nathan Austin


MyTech Partners

MSP-05 Choosing a MSP Pricing Model: Does one size fit all?

Lane Smith (Moderator)              


Do IT Smarter

MSP-06                Building Your Pipeline Through Networking Events and Email Marketing 

Barbara Dove


Dove Help Desk

MSP-08 How to Do Cloud Computing Securely

Scott West



MSP-09 Trojan Horse Approach: Acquire New Clients Using Security Practices

John Verry


PivotPoint Security

MSP-10 Increase Sales by Fueling Your Lead Generation Engine

Brian Sherman


Tech Success Communications

MSP-12 Regulatory Compliance and the Role of the MSP            

Saylor Frase



MSP-13 Don’t be Afraid of Twitter: How MSPs Can Use Social Media

Gene Fay


Nine Technology

MSP-14 Navigating the New Normal

Lawrence Walsh

President and CEO,

The 2112 Group

MSP-15 New Revenue Sharing Models: How MSPs and the Channel Will Benefit from Cloud Services

Jay Hallberg



MSP-16 Using the Internet to Automate your Marketing             

Mike Cooch



VC-06    Virtualizing Your Contact Center (App Time)

Jason Hochman

Director – Enterprise and Channel Sales


APT-03  Show me the App Money

Eric Hernaez



You can see there is tremendous activity around these events and we are now on the 4th hotel block as the last three have sold out. Be sure to book your travel soon and we hope to see you in LA.

  • kız oyunu
    September 16, 2010 at 6:45 pm

    If there is a common theme here – it’s that technology continues to be full of opportunity as it becomes more common. When Wal-Mart decides to become a phone company and thieves start mining social networks you know we have crossed the chasm.
    thanks admin from turkey, good article!

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