ITEXPO East 2009 Attendance Up 15%

Thank you all so much for coming to Miami this week.

The numbers are in for ITEXPO East 2009 and the amount of people at the event increased 15% from the same one last year. We could not have done it without you.

We have been absolutely deluged with comments about the quality and quantity of attendance at the show and we are assembling them all in an easily digestible format. Check back soon for more.

Yes we bucked every trend in the economy. I am aware it is incredible to see any business growing in times like this but IP communications solutions are exactly what companies need in this economy. They make you more efficient and productive. To top it off, most IP communications solutions also save you money.

Like most every exhibitor I spoke with at the show… I am cautiously optimistic about the future of the communications space.

Here are the details… I hope you find them useful.

Total Attendance:

Paid Conference              211
VIPs                                  6,980
Exhibitors                         847
Speakers                           202
Press                                 69

Total:                                8,309


Service Providers:           33.3%
Reseller/Agent/VAR:      28.2%
Developers:                     6.2%
Manufacturer:                 4.2%

Enterprise/SMB:              28.1%

  • Mike Krupit
    February 9, 2009 at 11:28 am

    My colleagues and I were 4 of the paid conference attendees (1.9% I guess). Having attended ITExpo last year, as well as eComm and VON, it was my observation that this year seemed far smaller. Assuming that the VIP’s were the free exhibit passes, I don’t think I saw anywhere near that number of people actually at the event. Most of the conference sessions were sparsely attended and a majority of the attendees were looking to sell something. Not a lot of good learning or networking this year.
    IMHO. Sorry.

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