ITEXPO: Thursday Early AM update

There has been a good deal of news coming out of ITEXPO so far this week and I would like to tell you I have been able to digest it all but clearly there was just too many things happening for any one person to absorb quickly.

Today is going to be a huge day with keynotes from Tony Rybczynski from Nortel at 9:45 this morning. Tony is one of the most knowledgeable and approachable communications experts I know and he has a gift for putting complex concepts in simple thoughts. You can read his blog here. Oh and you should know that friends and people without spell-check affectionately know him as Tony "Ryb."

Sharone Ben Levi of AudioCodes will keynote next and one of the reason’s his perspective is important is the fact that AudioCodes works with numerous communications companies on product development and design due to the nature of their business. This allows AudioCodes and Sharone to have insight into the industry’s future which can be very valuable to the rest of us.

Rounding out the Keynotes and leading up to the exhibit hall open is Simon Gwatkin of Mitel. Simon is funny and engaging and if we are lucky he will be in one of his moods where he will be able to educate us and make us launch at the same time. Oh and of course there is just something great about rounding out your keynotes with an English accent. 😉

To learn more about the show’s latest news, be sure to read the show dailies and the expo news page.

I have listed the show dailies which have run so far below:

A few of the recent news items from the news page above are as follows:

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    June 9, 2008 at 4:44 am

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    and all i get are articles some people can’t afford iPODS like me so if its there
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