IVR in the Age of Siri and Alexa; Evolve or Die

We’d like to apologize in advance for the dramatic headline of this post, especially the evolve or die part but there is a communications transformation taking place in companies around the globe and unless you’re paying attention, you’re likely to fall behind.

A huge shift is taking place – starting with our homes. No doubt, your residence has noticed the shift. Consider, out of the nine top-selling products in the Electronics category on Amazon, six of them or 2/3 are Alexa-enabled!


The way our customers want to interact with technology has changed dramatically.

Yet, IVR systems were initially deployed not for the customer but for the bottom line. We increased throughput and productivity of our contact centers and customer service departments but we didn’t care too much about the customers.

But thanks to Apple, Amazon and Google, our customers are actually opting to speak with computers to get the information they need. We’ve gone from a world where we once hated to interact with a “machine” to spending money to buy machines so we can speak to them!

Yet, our contact centers for the most-part have not adapted. We haven’t taken advantage of this brave new world where consumers are eager to communicate with our technology.

To help your company maximize the opportunity we’d like to present:

Voice User Interface Design Training:

The Changing Telephone Channel

Optimizing IVR & Speech in the Age of Smartphones and Alexa

A collaboration between our ITEXPO, Enterprise Integration Group and GM Voices.

Get Answers to the Following Questions (and more)

  • IVR Self-Service: Is it going away? If not, what can we do to make it better?
  • Natural Language: Why is improving first call resolution one of the key benefits?
  • Voice Biometrics: Who is using it where, and why?
  • Visual IVR and Omni-Channel customer service: Are they gimmicks or useful tools?
  • How will customers contact you using Chat, Siri, Alexa and other Intelligent Assistants?
  • And much more!

This is an ideal seminar for call center managers, VPs of marketing and CMOs… Anyone involved in ensuring smooth customer communications.

We hope to see you Febuary 13-15th, 2018 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

You can register now.


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