Mine Your Spam Filter

We get so wrapped up sometimes in esoteric software solutions to boost sales that sometimes the simplest ideas are overlooked.

I bet if I did a study I could find massive amounts of sales that were not concluded because of spam filters swallowing up order requests. I would estimate worldwide we are talking about at least half a billion dollars per year. I am reminded of this idea constantly as I check my spam filter a few times a day and almost always find something of importance hiding in there. When TMC first started experimenting with such filters about a decade ago we noticed quickly that RFPs or request for proposals from our top clients sent to our sales department ended up there. Let’s just say these were the biggest orders we had at the time. This scared me to death and since then I have been regularly checking my spam filter but even as vigilant as I am I don’t get to check my bulk spam filter all that often because it is filled with literally thousands of emails a day.

Today I received an email from a salesperson who emailed me months back about a product. I expressed interest and it turns out my email went into the spam filter and was lost for over a month. Now, I can’t even remember why I responded in the first place and don’t really have time to do the research.

I went from a warm lead to a dead one and all because of a spam filter which may have destroyed a sale.

Be sure you don’t duplicate the mistakes of this company and be sure the key people in your company and all salespeople check their spam filters regularly for potential business.

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