Startup Camp at ITEXPO Announces Jeff Bonforte, XOBNI CEO as Keynote

One of the more exciting events taking place at ITEXPO earlier this year was StartUp Camp as it was a single place you could visit to learn about the absolute coolest vendors trying to break into the communications space. In a few weeks StartUp Camp2 Comm Edition comes to Los Angeles October 4th and is collocated with ITEXPO once again.

There are many people in tech who are not only passionate but havexobni-jeff-bonforte.jpg very funny but quirky senses of humor. One is Jamie Siminoff of SimulScribe/PhoneTag. The other is Jeff Bonforte (pictured) CEO of e-mail productivity boosting XOBNI.

Jamie keynoted (see video below) last year’s conference and Jeff will keynote this one. Expect Jeff to also be funny and inspirational. The man has an incredible resume with stints at Yahoo Voice and as founder of dotcom sensation iDrive (the original cloud-based storage solution).

This is a must-attend event.

Larry Lisser Kicks event off

Jamie Siminoff begins his keynote seen with crowd shots

Jamie Siminoff keynote with much better quality

James Siminoff Keynote at Startup Camp Telephony from Twilio on Vimeo.

Over 25 companies applied to be part of this year’s conference in industries such as cloud computing, VoIP, social calling and voice 2.0. I gave my grades on the companies last week and the rest of the judges are working on the list as you read this.

Only a handful of these start-ups will be selected and you will want to be there to see who made it, why and what they do via their 5-minute pitch to the audience.

Here are comments about the last show from Dave Michaels:

Last year’s inaugural event in Miami was standing room-only…

…What I need to state clearly here is this was an electric event…it was a packed event – guessing 200 people. The energy in the room was unlike any other ITEXPO session. I attend quite a few telecom events every year and I never describe any of the meetings or sessions as “electric”….It was so nice to feel this innovative startup spirit alive at an industry conference… Dave Michels, PinDropSoup

A photo from last year’s StartUp Camp at ITEXPO

I look forward to welcoming you all to this event and thanks to sponsors: Twilio, Skype and Alcatel-Lucent for their support. (Info on sponsoring)

Here are comments from Andy Abramson:

…One of the highlights at IT Expo (Miami, Jan. 10) was StartupCamp. The reason I liked Startup Camp Telephony was the rawness of the ideas. Often times I see companies at DEMO or UnderTheRadar where companies that are already polished up and ready for the stage get up and talk…But (at StartupCamp) it was the ideas that mattered. Those ideas showed me there’s still a lot happening in voice…  Andy Abramson blog entry, January 25, 2010

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