Survey: Mobile Phones Much More Favorable than Social Networks

In a tough decade, what could people count on to make their lives better? Communications – yes communications. 50% percent of people surveyed by Pew viewed the last decade unfavorably and 27% viewed it positively.

Here are some of the reasons they may have positive thoughts about the last ten years:

  • 65% say the Internet and email have been a change for the better while a full 69% of people say mobile devices have been a change for the better.
  • Only 29% say blogs haven’t been a change for the better – I like to think these are people who haven’t had a chance to visit this site yet.
  • Social networking – all the rage these past years showed a lackluster ranking with only 35% saying this new form of communications is a change for the better.

After a magnificent bubble in 1998-2000, communications investment was slaughtered like a balanced federal government budget and left for dead. Amazingly companies like Vonage, Skype and a slew of others emerged from the ashes and showed innovation was alive and well.

With the public behind the technology and VCs not far behind, what will the next decade hold in store for communications and tech? I can’t wait to find out.

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