Tom Keating Breaking Lots of News at ITEXPO

Tom has been on a roll covering the news yesterday – here are some links to his posts with commentary from me. I have been meeting with many in the industry for the last two days and would love to have written more but time hasn’t allowed for it. Thankfully I have been posting as many videos as I can and sending other videos which don’t reside on this site to my Twitter followers at


Use of WiMAX in Smart Grid Networks: It seems that communications and energy are merging – in ways we couldn’t have imagined a few years ago.

Truphone Local Anywhere – All Calls Now a Local Call: One of the biggest frustrations when traveling internationally is juggling SIM cards or paying the ridiculously high charges your primary carrier sets. Enter Truphone, the company taking the SIM card and making it not only international but in doing so – lowering rates by a factor of ten or more. An example is an international call in the UK costs 12 cents per minute with Truphone local while the same call costs a dollar or more if you are an AT&T customer.

How Aerospace Research Is Helping Energy and the Smart Grid: This is one is interesting – I don’t have a take yet.

Ifbyphone Acquires Cloudvox – Offers Flexible Cloud Telephony: The slick integration of Asterisk, cloud communications and app stores are what this acquisition are all about. I spoke with Irv Shapiro here at the show and he seemed upbeat about the new path his company is on. To me, acquisitions signal optimism in the market and show that many think there are lots of opportunities to be taken advantage of.

Today’s NY Times Headline Misses Scott Brown Victory?: It is tough to believe that the New York Times, a newspaper which has covered breaking news which happened minutes before the paper went to press missed the Republican upset which took place hours before the paper was printed. Interestingly I was so busy with the show that I didn’t get a chance to post this entry til today – and the NYT finally has a story on the home page about the Republican win of Scott Brown but it was minimized. Not surprising.

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