Truphone, GlowPoint, XConnect, In Store Solutions News and More

Today, TMC hosted a number of companies in the communications and technology spaces and it was a learning experience for all. Much news was broken and you can expect a torrent of related articles from my editors this week. TMC’s Juliana Kenny does a great job giving you an overview of the companies we met with below.


The following companies were present and clicking on the links will take you to video explaining exactly what they do and what they plan to provide customers in the future. Aretta Communications, In Store Solutions, InPhonex, Ringio, Truphone, XConnect and GlowPoint.

Below are videos of Melissa Schmitt of Truphone and Thomas Howe of In Store Solutions.

Thomas explains how a $300 device and Skype can make a complete telepresence solution for an SMB

For articles on today’s guests please see the following:

Update: TMC’s Ed Silverstein on XConnect and Aretta Communications

If your company is interested in being featured in our video newsroom, please keep in mind we have an editorial open house August 12th, 2010.

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