Facebook, Microsoft Kinect and Yahoo News of Note

Here are some stories worth reading on TMCnet today:

Jaclyn Allard explains Microsoft has a $500M ad budget for Xbox Kinect and in my opinion this is one of the best new products I have seen in many years and creates a new paradigm (yes, I used the P word, what’s wrong with that? Surprised ) in human interaction with a computer and it has the potential to be more important that gestures used on smartphones today. Cameras aimed at users translate movements of hands and body into computer input – no wireless controller needed. Very cool.

Ashok Bindra reports that Gartner believes information will be the oil of the 21st century – a resource running the economy. This is great news for our markets – assuming the government doesn’t start demonizing IBM, Google, HP and Apple after learning this news of course. (Sort of kidding Tongue out ).

Beecher Tuttle explains that Yahoo has a new social media service called Y Connect. Apparently the company thinks this whole social media thing may work out well so they decided to wait for Google, Facebook and Twitter to come out with similar services before being hasty and setting any sort of trend.

Susan J. Campbell explains Facebook is getting serious about privacy and started shutting down applications which were breaking the site’s rules. C’mon, admit it – you didn’t know Facebook had any privacy rules. As you may recall, I blogged about how the Wall Street Journal nabbed the world’s social media site allowing apps to share too much personal information including user IDs which were being matched with other demographic information in order to be sold to other companies.

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