Breaking: Goldman Sachs Bonuses all Stock?

I just heard from a reliable source that Goldman Sachs bonuses have been switched from cash to stock. Recently the company announced this would be the case for those at the top of the organization but now my source tells me this will be the case for the whole company.

With the massive government and public backlash against banks and the amount of their compensation, this seems like a very very smart move for Goldman.

I realize this is beyond the scope of my typical coverage – I thought it worth sharing. I have tried to verify the story online and so far nothing.

Update Jan 27, 2010: David Faber from CNBC reports the bonuses will be 60% in stock and 40% in cash. The stock vests in 3-years — thanks to CNBC for clarifying.

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    April 19, 2010 at 6:03 am

    Its incredible that such a large institution like Goldman Sachs had to stoop so low and sell an investment product to consumers offering them high investment returns while the company itself was betting for the product to go bust and make money! Great way to bring value

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