TMC is Hiring

While the media business in general has been like so many other industries such as financial and real estate – meaning lots of doom and gloom, I am happy to report TMC is hiring to fill new positions and looking for new people as well. We just hired three new professionals in our sales group and expect to add more people this year.

You may recall I mentioned we were looking last month.

While print publications have seen advertising decline and we should know as we publish four magazines – we have positioned ourselves for the day when marketing moved to the web since the nineties.

A product we launched back then – online communities has now become one of our most successful products and in Q1 of this year our Global Online Communities grew in revenue by 50%.

We also saw record attendance growth at ITEXPO earlier this year and our customers continue to tell us TMC’s solutions are some of the most cost-effective marketing and community building products they can find anywhere.

You have no heard me say how now is the time to reinvest in your company and how the organizations which make it through this slowdown will come out the other end in a much better position. We are putting our money where our mouths are and you will see rapid expansion from TMC in the years to come.

In addition, I truly expect this expansion to significantly benefit all our existing customers and we are constantly being mindful of the interests of our existing readers, sponsors and contributors.

There is much more to come but for now here is the news on the three new positions which were just filled.

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