Employees Say 34% of Meetings Are A Waste of Time

Many of us know this intuitively but sometimes it’s nice to see market research reinforce what we know already.

According to a recent BlueJeans survey of 700 professionals in the US including managers and individual contributors, 67% stated that meetings are on the rise and that 1/3 of weekly meetings are a waste of time. Meeting waste costs the U.S. economy more than $400 billion per year; time and money that doesn’t come back.

The company’s Smart Meetings delivers the right combination of machine and human intelligence for a better meeting experience before, during and after you meet. The combination of crowd-sourced meeting notes, real-time transcription, and a video highlight reel is so effective, you may decide to skip a meeting altogether. Most workers consider this a dream situation -unless of course there are donuts at the meeting – in which case, we are all in :-).

Survey respondents say 48% attend meetings because of Meeting FOMO (fear of missing out). That is an incredibly unproductive way to manage time and business.  The collaboration market has exploded with some amazing products to help teams meet and collaborate, but the focus has been on operational quality, not meeting quality. It’s time to address meeting efficiency so meetings are more productive, and we can all be more selective about which meetings to attend.  Customers have been testing BlueJeans Smart Meetings and the feedback is terrific.

“To continue to innovate and lead as a provider of data and technology solutions for the world’s best marketers, we need to offer a work experience that attracts and engages talented team members whether they are in our offices, traveling or working remote,” said Bart Thessing, Senior Manager of IT, Acxiom. “We are excited about BlueJeans Smart Meetings and its potential to improve the way our teams capture and share insights, decisions, and action items in meetings. 

We anticipate that BlueJeans Smart Meetings will improve meeting productivity, so team members have more time to do what they do best—create, analyze and innovate on behalf of our clients.” BlueJeans Smart Meetings is built to make you and your team more productive. Take back control of your calendar and improve meeting efficiency. If you are double booked, you will have comprehensive highlights to catch you up later.

Meeting productivity also impacts corporate culture and retention. 52% of survey respondents agree that meetings glut is forcing people to work nights and weekends to get their ‘day job’ done. Moreover, 90% report being more likely to stay with their organization if they could get time back by skipping unnecessary meetings. Accurate transcription begins with crystal clear audio. The company’s partnership with Dolby Laboratories means that BlueJeans Smart Meetings have superior audio with background noise suppression, so real-time transcription is more accurate and can be used to enrich crowd-sourced notes, action items, and meeting highlights with precision.   

Capture and Share Meeting Highlights to Improve Organizational Alignment  

BlueJeans’ modern approach for documenting meeting minutes combines artificial intelligence with crowd-sourcing to compile the most useful and actionable record of the important topics discussed. This ensures that everyone’s point-of-view is captured, even if some participants are not active speakers during the meeting or cannot attend and want to contribute to the dialog after the meeting.    

Assign Actions Consistently to Increase Organizational Follow Through   

Why leave action items and follow up to chance? BlueJeans’ in-line action-items ensure that when to-dos are identified during a meeting, they can be quickly tagged with assigned owners on the spot. Automatic alerts and follow-up flags increase visibility and enable organizations to develop a culture of accountability.    

Other benefits include:

Binge-Ready Meeting Recaps
View automatically curated video highlight reels that enable auto-play of the most critical meeting moments.

Interactive Meeting Hub
Access a persistent, dynamic meeting repository that presents a complete meeting register, a consolidated set of meeting highlights, and an access point for consuming meeting summaries.  

Auto-Shareable Meeting Summaries
Receive automatic email summaries that contain tailored meeting highlights and action items. 

Download for Offline Consumption
Download highlights, transcription, and video content for offline viewing. 

Transcript-Enriched Meeting Notes
Complement meeting highlights with 40 seconds of live meeting transcription to augment the commentary provided by meeting attendees.   

Attendee-Driven Priority-Rankings
Give meeting participants the ability to “like” or upvote great ideas and prioritize critical meeting moments.

Social Tagging & Notification
Notify key stakeholders of relevant actions and assigned responsibilities. 

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