Helpshift’s AI and Asynchronous Customer Conversations Embody the Future of Work

Helpshift is a company which really embodies the future of work – it enables one, connected customer service experience. Customers can start a conversation via a digital channel such as the web. AI-based automation and self-service tools allow a company to drastically reduce the amount of human interaction needed to help customers.

Abinash Tripathy, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer Helpshift

The company serves over 450 businesses worldwide, including Xfinity Home, Microsoft, Tencent and Supercell.

“We are driving towards a world where people text more than call,” exclaimed Abinash Tripathy, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer in an exclusive interview. “People want an embedded digital experience.”

The company’s solution works in an app, on the web, email and anywhere else companies are looking to communicate such as SMS/RCS.

He said chatbots frustrate more than they solve and the Helpshift solution is better because it works differently.

“We provide the messaging channel companies can integrate into web or a mobile app.” He continued, “Our tech is asynchronous – the control of when to engage, disengage and reengage is in the hands of the customer, not the brand.”

Helpshift Customer Journey

He explained the technology they provide allows a company to interact with customers the way customers engage with friends and relatives. In other words when you send a text message – if the other person is available, a live conversation takes place. If not, you receive a message when they are available.

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“We make the communications model asynchronous or synchronous, which is a subset of asynchronous.”

Source: Helpshift Ultimate Guide to Digital-First Customer Service, Page 51

There is also a knowledge base in the product and an AI-based answer bot. The solution takes the customer questions and matches the knowledge base in chat context. Their intent classification engine is used to route the conversation to a bot or human to solve this intent.

He gave an example of a bank which fields a communication regarding a lost credit card. When the customer makes a request regarding how to deal with the lost card, they are sent three knowledge articles informing them what to do.

They then might ask for a human and are routed to a lost card bot which asks the same questions a human agent would. The card is then disabled. The conversation can be handed to a live agent and back as needed.

He said, “We can power an entire digital experience for a brand.” Continuing, “We can also integrate into a phone – they can schedule calls with legacy IVR for escalation from digital.”

Helpshift really embodies our principle of Future of Work – especially the AI-based aspects which allow intelligent communications with customers. This, as well as the system’s ability to transfer customers back and forth between AI and human as need – augmenting the productivity of workers in the process.

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