Do You Need a SmartWatch?

I am a bit of a watch nut and especially a lover of watches which are rich in technology. As of today I don’t wear one because my mobile phone has pretty much replaced it but the last one I loved to wear was the Tissot High-T which was a Microsoft SPOT watch allowing me to keep up to date on news and my calendar. Microsoft SPOT technology used FM frequencies to send data signals to a range of devices from watches to coffee makers which kept you informed of changing weather. What was amazing about the Tissot was the fact that it alerted me 15 minutes before every meeting I had. At a trade show where I had to hop from booth to booth, the watch reminded me with a subtle vibrate function that a meeting was imminent. A quick glance at the watch let me know where I had to go.

The High-T stopped charging so I sent it back to the factory to have it fixed. Tissot kept the watch, told me it was discontinued and then gave me a credit towards a new watch which by the way sits unopened in my house in its original box.

I read with great enthusiasm that inPulse will have a new watch designed to work with Blackberrys and it will likely function a lot like the old SPOT watches (the service was also discontinued) but even better as it will alert you to messages, callers and other bits of information tucked away on your device. Why would you want to use this watch? Well, you could glance at it to check Caller-ID before you take a call. Or you could scan the subject line and sender information of your e-mail before taking out your smartphone. Another benefit is it will not need a $10/month service plan as it should just use Bluetooth to work with the information on your Blackberry.

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 In short, I think this watch is something people who are on the leading edge will jump on but the average user may find this solution to be bulky and geeky. I am looking forward to seeing it in action. If they get this thing to work with an iPhone I will likely buy one.

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