Google in Travel and A Monopoly

I was just reading how Google may soon get into travel search and as I realized this I wondered which companies would be affected. Travelocity? Expedia? Countless others? It will be interesting to watch.

I also came across an article basically trashing Google for being accountable to no one.

The article goes on to describe all the people it is not accountable to… Starting with shareholders and ending up with bloggers.

The fact is whether you want to believe it or not, Google is in a position where they could put companies out of business by the thousands in the matter of moments. Whether done maliciously or by accident, the company is in a position rarely seen in the world. Even AT&T who had similar power in years past didn’t really have the ability to kill companies in virtually all countries overnight. Google does.

Whether the company will be broken up someday is not known but it seems today that the company cannot be taken down. Then again, it used to be Microsoft who many worried about and now it is Google. Will the two companies eventually balance each other out? Microsoft’s recent move to pay people to use Live Search instead of Google was very smart but it is unknown if such a move will work.

I have to say that when purchasing I do now use Live Search but I haven’t found it useful for the products I have recently purchased.

I can honestly say one of the benefits of following the tech markets is change happens so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up with. One wonders if in 10 years yet another company will be scaring Google the way Microsoft is scared of Google today. I can tell you if this doesn’t happen, we may all be working for the search giant some day.

Hey Google — any openings for a talented writer with infrequent writer’s block?

Disclosure: I am a shareholder of Google

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