Google+ Targets Facebook not Twitter

There have been numerous discussions lately regarding how Google+ could be a Twitter killer and while anything is possible, my research shows that Facebook is in the most trouble. Perhaps the most compelling argument for Google as a Twitter killer comes from Rolfe Winkler at the Wall Street Journal who suggests Google can pay celebrities to switch from Twitter to Google+ and they can even afford to share advertising revenue with the celebs making it worth their while.

This reminds me of the bidding wars Sirius and XM satellite radio went through years back – it got to the point where the companies had to merge because costs got so out of hand that they were having trouble making money.

Justin Timberlake recently invested in MySpace with the hopes of revitalizing it by bringing fans together with artists and if successful, it is possible celebs everywhere will be getting pressure to join, invest and run new and existing social networks.

But for prolific tech blogger Luca Filigheddu he sees Google+ as too much overhead when compared to Twitter. The simplicity of Twitter in fact is something he likes and doesn’t want to give up. He further points out that a conversation on Twitter is much more personal whereas conversations of Google+ are less so as users see the entire conversation and comment stream from other users.

Perhaps the scariest part of his post for Facebook is the near-final paragraph which reads:

In conclusion, am I using Google+? Well, actually, I am, but I see it as something completely different than Twitter and that has nothing to do with it, completely different things. On the contrary, if all my Facebook friends were on Google+, I think I could easily abandon Facebook and move to Google+ completely. Why? A deep integration with all the other Google services, a must for me.

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