Google’s Very Cool TTS Service

Search leader seemingly giving everything away for free now offers cloud-based text-to-speech as well

In what has to be one of the most interesting “simple” services, Google translate allows you to send the company a simple text string and have it converted to an MP3 file which is immediately downloaded and played. A developer could use this service to build a mobile app which reads e-mail or snippets of news or text messages or Twitter feeds or Facebook status or whatever you like. I took the liberty of trying this out and you can see what I did by clicking here.

If you noticed from the URL, you have to add plus signs between the text to let the TTS engine know you are breaking words up.

Give it a try for yourself and have some fun. If you develop an app with this technology please drop me a line so I can make sure we cover it.

As always, you can expect Google to use the information gleaned from this service to better understand the world around them and moreover continue on their inadvertent mission to know more about you than you know about yourself.

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