Open Handset Alliance and More

Another week and other massive avalanche of news in the communications space. The first item worth sharing is regarding Google shaking up the foundation of the mobile phone market. The funny thing is, editors and bloggers have been looking to find the Google phone for months and instead of it being somewhere, it will be everywhere.
If you missed it the company has launched an Open Handset Alliance which aims to open things up in the cellular communications space. Specifically the alliance is a total of over 30 companies working together to produce low-cost phones whose development is supported by advertising. The question is whether this is possible when you don’t own the network. Time will tell.
If you think the mobility space has lots of news, have you seen what is happening in Unified Communications? Just today in fact HP and Ericsson announced they would collaborate and Ericsson would integrate its UCS software with the HP BladeSystem platform in order to allow enterprises to have more seamless voice/data deployments. The move will also make business communications applications accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device (even iPhones I wonder? 😉 ). HP will document these offerings for reseller and customer setup and configuration as a BladeSystem Solution Block.
In a philanthropic move T-Mobile has joined the one laptop per child program meaning the company will offer one year of complimentary HotSpot access to people who donate an XO laptop to a child in a developing country. Nice move.
Rounding out the day’s news is the report that VoIP provide JahJah will be working with Ordian to play audio ads preceding VoIP calls. One wonder is JahJah will be able to generate significant profit with this shift in strategy. I think it a great idea to try and I wonder how users will respond. Certainly there is precedent with some of the free directory assistance providers. Hopefully this will be a positive move for both companies and moreover be a positive way to boost the profitability of VoIP services.

  • Rik Malt
    November 21, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Great information about Jajah and Oridian cooperation between the companies.
    For more about it in ?Jajah Blogs

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