Wolfram Alpha Gets Widgety

Remember when the most recent Google Killer Wolfram Alpha was released and the world went crazy and all we could talk about was this company and how incredible it was? Boy that buzz wore off fast. I actually forgot about the company since I wrote about their partnership with Bing last winter. Well, they just announced they have taken their service and widgetized it meaning they can provide you with pint-sized apps which are powered by the wizards curating and organizing the data which responds to use questions.

The widgets offered in the company’s galleries range from useful like weather, determining heart disease risk and thermodynamic properties to not so much as embodied by a widget which helps you find anagrams and can probably be used as a handy aid to boost your score when you take your next Mensa quiz.

You can also create your own widgets if you so choose and to get you familiar, I posted a sample widget below which compares the market capitalizations of Apple, IBM and Microsoft.


Although the service is no Google killer it has a fairly impressive Alexa ranking of 3,893 and I would estimate it receives 2-3 million unique visitors per month. The chart below shows how the early hype surrounding the company has worn off but its current web cred is admirable.


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