NEC Targets Mid-Tier for IMS

Above: NEC’s View of IMS

NEC is targeting mid-tier providers with its new IMS products.

The company’s new Service Convergence Integrated Platform or SCI-P is a ‘starter’ framework for IMS, and bundles carrier-class call processing quality, blade-server architecture, a SIP server, an operations, maintenance, billing and provisioning server and service enablers into a compact, scalable platform.

The company calls its new in-one platform "light-IMS."

Just as the dieter may be watching their calories and choose a diet beverage, the service provider who is watching their investment "waist line" could take advantage of this new solution to deploy advanced VoIP and value-added multimedia services, including presence, personalized services, interactive gaming and IP messaging.

As with many IMS-based solutions, the services are limited by the imagination and the desire for the service  provider to maximize ARPU.

The company has an entire suite of IMS solutions for service providers of all sizes and their announcement today is smart because the complexity and cost of IMS has scared some away from deploying as quickly as they possibly should. Moreover, the true innovators — whether we like it or not, are the smaller providers.

Bringing the benefits of IMS to smaller providers means that we will likely see new services faster and this in turn will push larger carriers to play catch up. All in all, a great strategy to sell more IMS gear.


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