Why IoT Companies Will Soon be Chasing Lumavate

Few people have heard of Lumavate but at the conclusion of this post you’ll be convinced that they likely point to the future of at least one segment of the IoT market.

Before we get into the company, lets delve into the company’s latest news. Don Brown has led a $2 million dollar seed investment.

The reason this matters has to do with integration.

Dr. Don Brown is someone who gets a fraction of the press he deserves. If he lived in Silicon Valley, the tech media would worship him 24×7. Because his last company was located in Indiana, he flew somewhat under the radar of the general media while revolutionizing the way trillions of dollars were spent in the call center market.

I first met Don when he launched Interactive Intelligence around 1995. His company had a simple message, stop buying your technology in silos – IVR, ACD, voicemail, etc.

For the next ten-plus years, Interactive Intelligence had massive crowds at its trade-show booths as it explained why its approach was superior. Over time, the competition either caught up with much of their technology or at least their messaging was similar enough that it made it tougher for the company to stand out.

At this point, the company started to focus on targeted marketing and its sales skyrocketed as a result.

Today, all call center solutions have been shaped by this man – toiling quietly in Indianapolis.

So integration was important to Don, right? yes. In fact, it was so important it allowed him to sell his company for 1.4 billion dollars to Genesys.

Now Dr. Brown is in the IoT space and once again he is focusing on integration but this time. The company’s CEO Paul McGrath sets up what the company does nicely so let’s take his words and share them:

Lumavate provides a unique, controlled channel that allows manufacturers to maximize additional revenue throughout a product’s lifecycle and also reduce operating and support costs along the way. Our customers are using this channel in a variety of ways, from aiding in their sales efforts to capturing aftermarket revenue opportunities. There is also tremendous potential to become an innovative leader in the emerging market of customer experience within the sphere of the Internet of Things.

The way the company accomplishes this is as follows. They have three clouds.

  1. The Experience Cloud allows customers to securely connect with the company to receive personalized experiences.
  2. The Designer Cloud allows drag-and-drop building of cloud based apps which can be activated by text, QR code, NFC or short URL.
  3. The Integration Cloud allows the simple connection of customers with CRM systems social media platforms.

Through the use of these clouds, customer support improves, the ability to up-sell and cross-sell improves and the cost to service customers decreases. Its the holy grail of IoT integration with customer sales and support.

We think this is the future and we further would not be surprised to see others start to copy Lumavate in the near future.

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