Accela Inc.

The hosting and VoIP services market continues to do well. Providing VoIP service to companies is a much easier proposition than the residential space as the pure-play market leader Vonage charges so little, even they struggle to make money.
Thankfully Vonage has not decided to aggressively pursue the business market with unsustainable prices. By not doing this, they have allowed a slew of companies to focus on the mom and pop business space by providing reasonable pricing and excellent service levels.
8×8’s Packet8 service is an example of a company having great success on the low end of the SMB space. More recently I met with Tom Keffer CEO of Accela Inc. whose company is targeting larger companies and call centers with a hosted IP communications solution. For the call center space the company offers predictive dialing and will have ACD service by year’s end.
According to Keffer, The benefit of using the company’s products over a CPE solution is Accela’s dedication to providing quality service. In addition, a hosted solution has disaster recovery benefits and obviously requires less technical expertise on the part of the business.
The Dallas-based company is one of a handful of CLECs who has a business model which embraces VoIP and seems successful. Accela has also hired some talent from Bandtel, another company in the SIP trunking space who provides a service of the highest quality.
Although I just recently learned about this Texas based telecom company on a recent road trip, it looks like they have a bright future if they can capitalize on the growing appetite in the corporate world for SIP trunks and hosted solutions.

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