CafeX Chime Shows How Communications Enables Digital Transformation

There is is a nonstop movement from traditional communications and Sajeel Hussain.jpgUC players to add value to their applications and services. It reminds us a great deal of what is happening with communications service providers – they had been trying for years to add value to their connections so as not to be considered dumb pipes. The latest move in this direction is AT&T offering HBO free in some of its service packages.

In a recent meeting with Sajeel Hussain of CafeX – we got a glimpse of what the evolution of UC and collaboration could be. CafeX has a service called Chime (PDF)- not to be confused with the more recent Amazon Chime service by the same name – which by the way, spurred a lawsuit from CafeX.

Hussain describes it as business-focused, outcome-driven pervasive collaboration with customer engagement. The solution offers virtual workspaces – blending some of the best of project management – like Trello, text communications – think Slack and real-time communications. The idea is if you have a merger at your company, you can set up a project with complete communications and task assignment.
Other uses for Chime include mortgage origination and servicing (expect some news soon in this area), insurance claims as well as HR.

The product can be outward-facing as well as inward – allowing for the building of customer portals where they can track progress of certain tasks and goals.

We have said repeatedly that communications is the low-hanging fruit of digital transformation, Chime by CafeX shows how you can add value to communications and subsequently transform your enterprise – to make it more efficient and productive.

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