Cloudonix Boosts its CPaaS Solution

CPaaS is an exciting space and Cloudonix is one of the growing players in the area, making it easier for developers to go-to-market and provide solutions for customers. As an interesting differentiator, the company espouses their support for smart devices, applications and web pages.

I recently met with Eric Klein at Astricon in Orlando, as a follow-up meeting we had earlier this year to the one at ITEXPO in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Some of the latest news from the company is a new ISO 27001 certification which aids in winning business from larger companies. 

In addition, Eric explained, many companies are happy about working with Cloudonix as they allow CPaaS functionality without per-minute, per-line, per-endpoint, per DID or transaction fees.

Customers buy blocks of 100 concurrent calls and add blocks as they grow.


Cloudonix supports almost 22,000 different smartphones and tablets. 

Here is another interesting differentiator… Traditionally, when a new flagship device comes out, each company with an app that uses voice, needs to create a new version that supports the different hardware and software in the new device. This takes time to code, test, and then get approved in the appropriate app store. In the case of the iPhone X this took at least 2 weeks for development and approval. 

The Cloudonix licensing server works directly with the phone for unique configuration, meaning there is no need to put out a new version of the APP for every new device. Thus it took apps using Cloudonix service less than a day to support the iPhone X.

In summary, the company offers an exciting CPaaS alternative to some of the other players in the space and more flexible pricing means potentially lower costs for customers.

Learn more about CPaaS and UC at ITEXPO, January 29-February 1st, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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