Corporate Phone Bills: $133 Billion in 2008

A staggering $133 billion dollars will be spent on communications services by businesses in 2008 according to Insight Research. 39% of this spending will be on cell phone bills. This staggering amount could be reduced if companies explore IP communications solutions that currently exist on the market.

If the economy is indeed slowing, a painless way to save money is to explore the world of IP communications more thoroughly and picking solutions which not only save your business money but they also increase flexibility and customer satisfaction.

Even if you have an IP PBX, be sure you also have SIP trunking so your calls are routed in the most cost-effective fashion possible. If you are a big user of telephony be sure to look at VoIP peering. If your users call long distance from their cell phones look at Packet8 MobileTalk.

It really behooves the smart business person to stay up to date on the latest solutions and if you are a reseller, now is a great time to tell customers you have new solutions for them that will help them lower their costs while increasing sales and service levels.

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