CounterPath Bria-X Delivers Cost-Effective UCaaS Solution

In the 1990s Novell had a lock on servers in the enterprise. There was no Linux but SCO UNIX and IBM’s AIX were the closest thing we had. Microsoft owned the desktop and parlayed their desktop position to oust Novell and rule not only desktops but servers.

This is what I thought of when I met with Todd Carothers of CounterPath. The company pretty much dominates the SIP soft-client space on mobile devices. 


Now, as companies are moving to UCaaS, CounterPath sees an opportunity to parlay their strength in mobile software into a complete package. Enter Bria-X, a cloud-managed solution which incorporates team messaging, presence and screen sharing, providing hundreds of settings for as little as $3/user a month.

Bottom line, companies can save perhaps $50/month per user and still have a trusted name-brand behind them – a company providing solutions for some of the biggest names in telecom for decades.


In addition, Bria-X can overlay onto various phone systems, allowing a company to easily set up a private UCaaS cloud with branded clients. In fact, they work with hundreds of SIP servers.

Recording voice and video is available now with text coming soon – this is good for compliance. Mobility push technology ensures gentle battery usage. Help Desk Assistant allows tech support to log onto the client to see what issues may exist, MOS scores, delay, packet-loss, jitter, etc.


Unlike Microsoft, CounterPath isn’t a household name – but to be honest, many of the latest and very successful UCaaS players aren’t household names either. Except perhaps, Vonage.

In other words, there is room. As long as the company can reach decision-makers in bulk and tell them they have sound UCaaS solutions, they can do well.

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