Dialogic Buys Cantata

Dialogic has been gaining a great deal of momentum this past year and now this momentum has increased substantially as the company has just announced they will be acquiring Cantata. This deal gives Dialogic access to huge fax market share as well as the Excel and SnowShore product lines, significantly enhancing Dialogic’s position in the service provider market according to Jim Machi the company’s Vice President of Marketing.
Machi also explained this acquisition will be significant for Dialogic customers as there is a great deal of service provider know-how which Dialogic will now have access to. He further mentioned the company is extremely excited about this transaction.
In the nineties there were a number of companies in the DSP resource board market — Dialogic, NMS, Brooktrout, Rhetorex, Aculab and Pika Technologies were some of these names. Through a series of acquisitions Rhetorex became part of Brooktrout which changed names to Cantata. And now, Cantata has become Dialogic.
As you may recall, just under a year ago, Nick Jensen explained to a crowd in Lisbon, Portugal that he wanted to double the company’s sales to $400 million within three years. Certainly the company has access to more product lines and technology than ever before as a result of this transaction. I would imagine this news should help the company get closer to this goal. Expect more news on this matter on my blog and on TMCnet throughout the day.

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