Hosted Communications for the SMB

We hear about hosted solutions from so many vendors these days. This area of the market is certainly experiencing tremendous growth. Companies like Covad, AccessLine and 8×8/Packet8 are doing well selling services to customers who are giving up their small phone system for a hosted solution.
In many cases the smaller companies are familiar with and more comfortable with key systems and are not happy to lose some of these features when they migrate to a hosted solution which is designed for companies the size of major auto manufacturers. The way to get around this dilemma is to sell these companies hosted key system replacements.
How can a service provider interested in deploying such solutions learn more? Boy am I glad you asked as TMCnet, Natural Convergence and Flashpoint have teamed up to answer these questions in a webinar taking place April 25 (in 2 days) at 1:30 pm EST but you can always enjoy the archived version at your leisure. Register here to learn about deploying hosted key systems solutions.

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