I recently had the opportunity to ask Olle Westerberg, chief executive officer Ingate Systems, about his business and the direction he is taking the company.
Ingate Systems produces a range of SIP-capable enterprise firewalls.
Please read the TMCnet article about Ingate Systems SIP Trunking Network for more information on the company.
Please outline your new corporate initiatives.
Ingate continues to lead the industry in SIP-enabling security technologies. We are once again working with our partners in the IP PBX and ITSP space to educate end-users, resellers and VARs on SIP trunking with the “SIP Trunking Series: Everything You Need to Know” at ITEXPO. We see SIP trunking as a way of making full use of the enterprise IP PBX, making it possible to use the IP PBX functionality outside the enterprise network. It is a critical stepping-stone to true global connectivity when everyone is able to connect with one another (both inside and outside the company) using the Internet.
Looking ahead, we support the trend toward unified communications as it paves the way for true global communications by providing users the flexibility to choose the best way to communicate at any given moment.
How is IP communications changing your company’s strategy?
Ingate has had SIP and IP communications in our strategy from the beginning. Ingate was founded to enable enterprises to use SIP-based communications, not only when communicating within the enterprise but also when communicating with other enterprises and people. Our long history of extensively developing flexible technology makes it possible to address most of the demands from the market.
How has SIP changed communications?
SIP has utterly transformed business communications. VoIP has had an enormous impact on enterprise telephony. With SIP, business communications can go beyond VoIP. We can do so much more by adding IM, presence, real-time video and a host of new applications.
SIP’s elegant design is also partly responsible for this revolution. The SIP protocol is flexible to work with from a development standpoint, helping to ease interoperability issues. As long as manufacturers adhere to the SIP standards, interoperability issues can be overcome. And that benefits everyone including customers, VARs and developers. This design also provides unique opportunities to maintain security.
What is the biggest request coming from your customer base?
The biggest requests we see from customers is to provide solutions that are truly interoperable with other SIP-based products. We at Ingate adhere strictly to the SIP standards as outlined by the IETF. Our products are also designed to help bridge this interoperability gap when necessary. For instance, our SIP trunking software module helps establish interoperability between a customer’s IP PBX and ITSP. Our SIP trunking startup tool also helps establish interoperability in a fast and seamless manner.
We also hear a great deal about security and control. Ingate’s heritage is in firewalling and security. All of our solutions are developed with security of the enterprise network in mind, and incorporate our unique SIP security technology such as our full SIP proxy.
What do you think the future of the market is?
The future of the market is global connectivity, unified communications and the possibility to choose whichever method of communications is most appropriate for the situation. When every enterprise is using IP communications, both inside the organization and outside to customers, it allows for the  streamlining of business. It is when every person is able to be reached anywhere, and do business from any location — whether from another country or just next door — with the same efficiencies as someone working across the room.
How does the growth rate in the U.S. compare to the rest of the world?
The U.S. market is 12 to 18 months ahead of many other markets. The demand for applications like SIP trunking will grow in the near future, but other markets will slowly catch up and the gap between the U.S. and other markets will decrease
What do you think of Google and Apple entering the telecom market?
The entrance of these two high profile and influential companies into the telecom space an increase interest for real-time communications products and ultimately drives demand among all markets.
How about Microsoft?
Microsoft’s adoption of SIP gave the protocol instant validation as the standard for real-time communications both now and in the future.
How will wireless technologies change our market?
Wireless technologies are helping to encourage new ways of doing business such as working remotely and making global connectivity happen faster. No longer is it necessary to be tethered by a cable to the Internet. The growing number of public wireless networks is also increasing opportunities for mobile workers to use real-time communications while traveling, and Ingate’s remote access technology enables these users to connect to their home PBX in a seamless fashion.
How will communications evolve over the next five years?
We expect to see an increasing number of enterprises using applications other than voice when communicating in real-time. Instant Messaging, video and file sharing will be integrated as a natural part of the daily communication pattern. We will also see a rise in the number of mobile workers as the technology makes it easier and more seamless to work from remote locations. In addition, more enterprises will adopt technology that allows these remote workers (and even satellite offices and customers) to access the applications of the corporate IP PBX.
What sorts of things will we be hearing about during your presentation at ITEXPO?
Steve Johnson’s presentation, “SIP Trunking from 10,000 Feet,” will provide an overview of this technology and why it’s important. The presentation will also discuss other issues and talk about case studies for enterprise deployments. Steve will also discuss the ROI businesses can expect from SIP trunk deployments.
Why is your presentation a “Can’t Miss?”
SIP trunking is an important technology that permits businesses to adopt VoIP with its attendant benefits and remain connected to others who rely on the PSTN. If your business could benefit from rapid reduction in communications costs than this seminar is for you.
What do you want the industry to know about your company?
Our customers call us the “Swiss Army Knife” of real-time communications. Like a good Swiss Army Knife, Ingate’s products are extremely flexible and can provide solutions in most any scenario. They are interoperable with leading SIP-based IP PBXs, ITSPs and with all solutions that also adhere to SIP standards.
In other words, Ingate products “just work.”
Ingate’s leadership in SIP and SIP-based security technologies is unprecedented. While we offer an award-winning SIP trunking solution, we also provide solutions for remote workers.

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