• Rich Moavero
    February 7, 2009 at 4:14 pm

    Interesting. On the flip side I have had optimum online since it first became availble in my part of stamford, c just north of the merrit parkway and can’t recall ever losing my internet connection. The cable box to my tv always locking up, now thats another story, finally swaped it out to to a unit w a dvr and alls well so far.
    If your problem is just at your house and not your neighbors that subscribe as well, your line from your house to the pole may need to be re run and updated to digital. ( they have to do this at no charge ) but sometime don’t want to climb the pole and just put a band aid on the proble. good luck rich,you should be back online soon, but tell him he’s gotta go if he’s gota go ( up the pole that is) ha ha

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