Jaduka’s New Products

Jaduka has a suite of new products/services which allow IP communications to enter the realm of web 2.0. The company has a suite of services in fact and they are worth discussing individually…

dukaDIAL lets you make phone-to-phone calls to anyone in North America for free. The concept is certainly not new but there is really no defacto leader in this space so the company could gain traction in this market. The way it works is via web form which you fill out and the calls are connected automatically.

dukaLINK Creates personal HTML hyperlinks that you can post on craigslist, Facebook, your blog or emails. The service is useful for people who want to shield their personal contact information from others while still allowing themselves to be reached.

dukaBUZZ was developed for bloggers and social media junkies who want to hear from their readers. This service is what I have referred to in the past as voice communities.

dukaBAR is a toolbar plug-in that automatically scans Web pages and converts all phone numbers into clickable links that initiate phone calls. There are other VoIP software companies doing this as well but this service does not require you to have a headset and microphone connected to your computer to make it work.

duhBATE lets you create your own presidential campaign by adding your voice to the likeness of your favorite politician (or the ones you love to hate).

The last one has some interesting possibilities as you can see below.

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