Messy Skype Presence Solution

Its funny, I spend so much time writing about solutions for service providers and enterprise customers that when I come across a do it yourself (DIY) solution allowing you to keep tabs on your Skype friends without the use of a computer, I turn up my nose.

Is that bad? I am not sure. But what I know for certain is that this new idea is really great if not a bit messy. By having a picture frame with multiple photos in it you can watch each of your friends and see what they are up to. Are they online? Are they away?

This reminds me me of the text to speech application that came with one of the Scala bluetooth headsets I reviewed a while back. It integrated with Skype and whenever one of my contacts came online, it announced the fact to me.

It took me a few days to figure out that this noise emanating from my laptop had to do with Skype. No I am not kidding.

But I digress. If you try this project out and get it working, drop me a line.


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