Thanks to readers like you, TMCnet has been blessed with 1-2 million unique visitors every month and last month over 20 million pages were viewed on this site. We are truly grateful to our readers, sponsors and advertisers who support this site and all other TMC products and initiatives.
Of course hats off to the TMC team who nurtures the development of our beloved communications and technology portal.
At TMC we are always innovating. We always look for ways to serve our audience better.
A number of months back an advertiser came to us and said according to his research, TMCnet is not only the top communications site in the US but the world.
The interesting part of this conversation is it seemed that not everyone knew just how popular TMCnet was outside of the US.
To rectify this situation and moreover to make it easier for those people around the world to get access to news pertaining to their interests, we embarked on developing TMCnet for various continents.
But instead of hard coding this project, we decided it would be better to build a framework which was customizable.
This would take longer but what it would allow is a fully customizable news portal by specific topic or even specific keywords.
Once this project dubbed myTMCnet was launched and working we could then easily extend it to be continent specific, country specific, topic specific, etc.
Yesterday we rolled out the beta of myTMCnet.
TMCnet has 3,000-4,000 articles, press releases and other content pouring into it daily.
We have now given the world a custom interface so they can see this news in any way they choose.
For example, if you are interested in IMS news you can add a custom box dedicated to IMS. Or perhaps you want to track SanSay or Avaya or unified communications.
It doesn’t matter.
I have found MyTMCnet is an invaluable competitive research tool allowing me to see what they are up to. I can also track the news of the most important players in the tech space if I so choose.
The benefits of this site for PR and marketing departments is absolutely staggering. You can keep track of the entire space you play in. Every article and news release will be at your disposal. At this point blogs are not integrated into the system but some of our blogs do become articles as an FYI.
This page allows you to customize your myTMCnet page and this is the custom link that shows you myTMCnet.
Try it. I hope you like it. Please forward this post around to others you feel may benefit from this initiative. We are hoping you can provide feedback as to how we can improve MyTMCnet and make it even more useful for you, our valued reader.

  • Raman
    April 6, 2007 at 12:47 am

    i am a fresher engineering graduate & want to join your call centre as its a reputed firm & its my pleasure to work with your firm

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